Metamorphosis: Change starts from within

For every youth-at-risk in ACAY, we have seen countless incredible experiences of restoration and transformation. That is why in the foundation’s 25th year, the way forward is clear: Promoting the Metamorphosis methodology. It is a product of all of ACAY’s pedagogies and methods for healing and transformation, which is now being piloted at the School of Life, and will soon be available for other organizations to further grow their own programs.

To be transformed into the best version of one’s self, it takes much introspection and reflection. Jane, the Metamorphosis Program Officer shares, “I personally experienced this kind of transformation journey while in ACAY. I have been a beneficiary for 6 years, and have stayed in ACAY as a volunteer and staff member for almost 10 years and counting.”

As her way of giving back to the community, she facilitates the Metamorphosis process with the beneficiaries.

"I am grateful to have this methodology where I can personally accompany them and be a partner to these girls. We can create a fluid and regular means of communication and dialogue, that they are no longer afraid of opening up and speaking from the heart,"
Metamorphosis Officer

Overview of Metamorphosis methodology

Metamorphosis aims to evaluate the journey of the beneficiary using indicators and that can help them define and plot their progress.

One of our beneficiaries, Erika, shared “The training and formation we had in Metamorphosis guided me to identify the things that I need to improve and to get out of my comfort zone. It also made my dream clear. It led me to appreciate myself, in seeing all the things that I have achieved throughout my journey.”

Just like Erika, many beneficiaries have found genuine hope through Metamorphosis. At first, the youth were intimidated to learn about the process, but soon realized that everyone grows at their own pace.

“They began to appreciate the processing as an opportunity to hear positive feedback and areas for improvement, because this helps them understand themselves more deeply. To hear someone tell you that you can overcome your challenges, it inspires you to strive and focus on self-improvement,” said Jane.

In ACAY, we see these youth very eager and looking forward to the upcoming Metamorphosis sessions. By getting-to-know oneself and being equipped with the tools to spark change from within, they are preparing to reintegrate society and become agents of change in society. Metamorphosis’ spark of hope is growing each day, and it will continue to bring light to all those in need.