The Organization

Since 1997, ACAY works to offer a second chance to youth at risk aged 15 to 23 years old through innovative pedagogical methods. These are designed to restore the dignity of each youth and help them find meaning to their lives.

Our Vision

We envision of becoming a model of compassion which will develop into a sense of social responsibility.

Our Mission

ACAY offers holistic and creative approaches of restoration wherein youth and families in difficult circumstances will re-discover the dignity and meaning of life and take lead in becoming agents of change.

Our Goals

  • Provide familial and nurturing environment that offers a sense of belongingness and safety which will rebuild self-esteem and dignity.
  • Enable youth and families to face the consequences of their traumatic experiences and difficult life situations through holistic interventions for restoration of their psychosocial, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • To empower the family in the restoration process of the youth.
  • Enhance leadership and equip youth and families with academic competence, knowledge and skills that will enable them to be autonomous and face the challenges of daily living.
  • Develop opportunities for youth and families to acquire life values for the service of other deprived youth around the world.
  • Develop strategies which reinforce bridges among existing gaps in societal, cultural mentalities for the sake of restoring youth and families.

ACAY Timeline