The MVP Second Chance Program

For the protection and rehabilitation of young people in prison.
Fruit of many years of work in the youth centers, the Marcel Van Second Chance Program has been developed in partnership with the Department of Justice and the Department of Social Welfare and Development.
It aims to fight recidivism and accompanychildren in conflict with the law aged between 17 to 23 years old.
Is based on a deep understanding on personal and family situation of each individual and have developed social, psychological and educational interventions designed for individual needs.

The Second Chance Program is divided into two parts:

1. Intervention in the Detention Centers (Social Preparation)

The team regularly visits several detention center and rehabilitation centers for minor in Metro Manila and in Tanay Province. More than 80 visits to detentions and rehabilitation centers are organized and 80 to 100 youth per year are followed up and formed inside prison. The program developed various actions:
  • Personal sharing
  • Legal assistance
  • Self confidence, discover oneself and personality, leadership
  • Provides module of formation regarding personality development and preparation for their reintegration into society
  • Crossroad formation (since 2010 was awarded as »Best Practice for the Youth in Jail« by JJWC (Juvenile Justice for the Welfare of Children))

2. The reintegration (After Care )

ACAY offers a reintegration programs which aims to educate, train and prepare young adults who came out of detention centers to have the knowledge, techniques and necessary values in order to become active members of the society.
  • formal Education and Trainings
  • professional assistance
  • psycho-social intervention
  • family intervention
25 youth followed up each year after their release from prison and integrated into the work force.

90% do not go back to prison

Since 2005, 90% of the youth having been through the Second Chance program do not go back to prison.