The School of Life (SOL)

The School of Life opened its doors to welcome an average of 20 young girls who were victims of different abuses and traumas. Our choice to mix different cases of suffering is voluntary. We believe that this creates a genuine ethic of compassion that veil the eyes and knowledge of the outsiders with regards to the past of these girls.

” A space of security…. to become a space of generosity” 


The Program of SOL

Since 2000, School of Life (a residential program) offers to young girls aged 14 to 21 years old a familial and therapeutic environment which enables them to rebuild their dignity, their self-esteem and empower them to find back the meaning of their lives.

Each girl is invited to pass through the School of Life Stages which composed a progressive integration strategy.

SOL Program is divided into three subprogram:

  • Psycho-social Subprogram (PSS): A time to work on Self-Awareness, to overcome trauma, and to prepare for self-sustainability program.
  • Toward Self-Sustainability: A time to take on responsibilities in the community, to learn professional skills (Job seeking, budgeting, time management…) and to prepare for independent living.
  • After Care: A time to safely launch oneself in independent living, to discover life outside of SOL while being coached.

Our Pedagogical Approach:

  • Family Integration: We try to find families and to involve them in the growth process of their child. They may be part of the Family Program.
  • Child Participation: We encourage the youth to take responsibility for their own lives and for others. The beneficiaries therefore participate in all aspects of communal life; from cooking to decision-making.
  • Giving to Others: the beneficiaries are encouraged to have a sense of social responsibility. This is notably done with outreach programs where they help the more deprived.

They give support to this program: