Make a Donation or Organize an Event for ACAY

We would be very happy to have you as a sponsor of ACAY Missions and we thank you in advance for your support. Your generous donations help us sustain our mission of Giving Second Chance to Youth at Risk.

You may choose to do the following ways to support us. Let us give Second Chance to Youth at Risk !


I want to give a one-time donation

Your one time donation will be a huge help to help us provide the operational expense of the mission and give high quality service to the youth of School of Life Program and Second Chance Program.

I want to sponsor a girl from the School of Life

This is a commitment to a regular monthly donation for a girl of School of Life who will then regularly write you about her progress in the program. This donation will finance her schooling.


I want to sponsor a weekend formation

With $70 or Php3,500, you cover the costs of formation for 1 weekend of training. Weekend formations equip the youth with skills and knowledge in preparation for their future professional and independent reintegration to society.

I want to sponsor a Program

With a monthly donation, you contribute to the running of the program and will receive 3 ACAY newsletters per year.





Giving Professional Opprtunities to ACAY Beneficiaries

One of our main objective is for our youth to be self-sustainable and independent. Thus, we equip and prepare them by giving various life skills training. If you are a company, you may either give job opportunities or exposure to professional world to our youth.

Organizing a Fundraising Event for ACAY

Would you like to organize an event to support ACAY Missions? Fun run, conference, all ideas are very much welcome. Contact our team now who will assist you and discuss to you further.