Family Program

In a context of poverty, children’s right can be at great risk. Most of the time, children’s own family became the main source of exploitation, violence and abuse (child labor, education through physical and verbal abuse). Thus, youth are challenge to help in rebuilding the dignity of their parents as individuals, as parents and as citizens of their society.

ACAY Pilot Program

Since 2005, ACAY developed a pilot program involving parents of School of Life and Second Chance beneficiaries to ensure their children’s successful reintegration.

ACAY supports the parents in:

  • Leading them towards a deeper knowledge of themselves and helping them to resolve their own traumatisms, in order to break the cycle of the intergenerational issues.
  • Bridging the gaps in the domain of education.
  • Rebuilding the parental ties.
  • Establishing a support system between the parents themselves.
This program does not exempt the parents from their role but instead help them to regain a parental relationship adequate for their children’s situations.
ACAY offers training modules, individual and couple sharing, family seminar and networking to other NGOs and government agencies.
35 families are accompanied each year.