Farm Exposure: Experiencing Simple Life

As part of Towards Self-Sustainability Summer Program, the girls of School of Life has once again immersed in the beauty of nature to experience farming and basic life.

Now on its second year, six girls from the Path of Life Stage along with a staff and a volunteer went on a five-day “Farm Exposure” in Banas, Bataan last May 7 to 11, 2017 where they were welcomed by Mang Totoy’s Family, a long-time partner and friend of ACAY MPI.

This five-day exposure aimed to provide an opportunity for the girls to gain a first-hand experience of practical life in the farm. It also paved way for the girls to be aware on the livelihood of the families living in a farm and to see how crops and farm products are being produced. More importantly, it encouraged the girls to be business-inclined as they helped the family create broomsticks for selling in the market.

By the end of the exposure, the girls have truly inculcated values which formed how they view basic life and manual labor. These values, such as appreciation of simple life, resourcefulness and hard work, have helped them discover their abilities more and appreciate life in general.

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In the beginning, it was really hard. I didn’t know why we have to do this and what we’re doing in the farm. When I saw the amount of work to be done, I was overwhelmed, I wanted to quit. I admit I was a spoiled child. I never experienced cooking using burned woods, I never cleaned our house. But during the Farm Exposure, I learned how to appreciate what I have and value the work we are doing.” – MJ

The presence of Mang Totoy and Nanay Lita, the couple who welcomed ACAY girls, has also made a huge impact. As the girls shared, it felt they were in a family, something most of them have never experienced before.

“At first it was difficult for me, I never experienced working so hard in my life. But when Lola (Nanay Lita) approached me and helped me, I felt like I have my own lola. I felt her love for me and for everybody. I felt like I am her real grand-daughter. During my stay in the farm, I felt at home, I felt the presence of a family. It’s not only a farm exposure but also a family exposure. I will never forget them.” – Nica

Lourraine Alerta – SOL TSS Officer

Photo credit to Solene Le Thery