CR4Y 2017: The start of Journey in School of Life

School of Life Program, being one of the main programs of ACAY Missions has successfully launched their Crossroad for Youth (CR4Y) formation last May 1 to 12, 2017. Crossroad for Youth is one of the most awaited training in School of Life’s annual calendar as it marks the beginning of journeying with another new batch of young woman who- with full of hope, be transformed by ACAY.

School of Life was very glad to welcome these 16 girls from different centers and agencies who undergone 12 days of trainings and formations. Some of the formations given were orientations about the programs and services of SOL, Self-awareness, Educational Assessment, and Life Skills Training. The participants were also had the chance to be exposed in an outreach mission of SOL in the indigenous Aetas community in Bataan wherein they gave some activities to the kids and some young people of the community. In that experience, SOL taught them one of its values in giving and sharing to others what they received. Team building activities had been also given to the participants where they had the chance to get to know each other and build good relationship among them.

Every year, School of Life conducts Crossroad for Youth formation by welcoming young girls’ ages 16-21 years old that experience different difficulties in life. This formation is usually given in a 12-15 days period. CR4Y is the process of selecting and assessing incoming new girls in the residential program of School of Life. This period of CR4Y is also a time to help the girls assess if School of Life is the place for their growth and development. At the end of the formation, each girl came up with their personal plan of action tackling their Personal, Educational, Spiritual, Legal, and Family plans to be presented to the ACAY-SOL team who later on decides if they will be admitted to School of Life Residential Program.

This year, School of Life CR4Y is indeed a fruitful and memorable training for both the participants and staff. Most of them expressed that they were blessed and happy to be part of this formation. And each one of them looks forward to be part of the SOL-ACAY family soon, and to journey together towards inner healing and self-sustainability through the unique pedagogical approach of ACAY.

Lorelie – SOL PSS Officer