Crossing Experience : the Core Formation

Last February, the School of Life (SOL) Program has once again successfully conducted a one-week intensive core formation for the beneficiaries who will be transitioning from Exploring Life (EL) stage to Path of Life (POL) stage. Seven girls went through a series of activities and workshops that highlighted all the learning and experiences they gained inside SOL to fully understand the “core” of ACAY – its fundamental principle and unique pedagogy. They were able to internalize ACAY’s Vision, Mission, Goals and its pedagogical approaches. They reflected and presented the important values they learned from ACAY and how it transformed their vision of life in general. Thus, they were given the chance to dream and share it with everyone, girls and staff, their guides and mentors.

At the end of the EL stage they were able to :

  • Visualize their goals and found ways to achieve it
  • Appreciate stories from great minds through book criticism
  • Present themselves properly, speak confidently and share their points of view without hesitation through an engaging debate session with other girls and staff.

It was a week filled with learning and discoveries. They were confronted with different challenges that were meant to make them the better versions of themselves. They were prepared to go beyond – beyond their comfort zones, beyond their past, and beyond their fears.

More importantly, the formation gave them the opportunity to solidify their relationship towards other girls and their staff who are journeying with them inside SOL. Through mentorship system, the girls were able to hear the stories of their “Ate”, those girls who are already in Witness of Life (WOL) stage, who were giving them advice on how to handle themselves properly and showing them the path ahead. They also had the chance to be mentored by their staff who are passionately guiding and coaching them on the things they must learn.

Truly, the Core Formation paved way for a more harmonious and familial environment inside SOL, giving more room for self-discovery, acceptance of one’s responsibilities and renewal of commitment that are important to prepare them for their next journey.

Lourraine Alerta
TSS Officer
School of Life Program