A Weekend Session for Young Couple

A weekend session for young couple was organized by ACAY Missions during one weekend in Balanga,Bataan last December 3-4, 2016. It was attended by 8 couples who was our former youth and their children. We provided merging topics for the young couple that needs to be address in their early couple life.

The main purpose of the young couple session is to explore possibility of re-connecting our former youth who are now into couple life to be our co-missionaries in their own ways.

This couple session gives us a new idea of exploring possibility for them to have church wedding during the anniversary celebration of Missionaries of Mary (MOM) and ACAY Missions.  For now we have 6 couple express themselves to be part of ACAY wedding that will took place on October 2017.

young couple weekend picture 2

We learned that family is very important and the responsibilities that comes with it. Thanks to ACAY.” – Rhod & Rachel

“This kind of activity is really a big help for a couple like us. It gives me a broader perspective as a father to my daughter and a husband to my wife. We learned also that it is very important to know the languages of love to be able to respond to your partners’ need and fill each other’s love tank.”  – Jericho & Joy

“The 2 days formation imparted to us the importance of love languages and how it could be very helpful in understanding each other in our couple life. We’re able to learn also from other couples sharing of experiences. We also like the relaxation time while watching the nature. Thank you ACAY for this short training.” – Michael & Abigael

“It was a very enriching as well as relaxing time for the whole family being surrounded by the calmness and silence of the province life. Also this gives us the time to be with other young couple, who shares diverse thoughts, views and experiences in the light of having a family; while learning from each other’s sharing. Most importantly, we were able to strengthen the value of a family being united and having God as the center of relationship.” – Edward & Loti