“I am the first one in our family to get a Driver’s License!”

exclaimed Ed*, one of the beneficiaries of the Second Chance Program when he told us this great news after passing his driver’s license!

“I am so proud of my son getting his license that i will send a copy of his license to all my family in Mindanao”

Tatay (father of Ed)

One of the most recent skill sets offered to the beneficiaries of School of Life and the Second Chance program, preparing for their Independent Living is learning how to drive!

Aside from the funds that were offered, each of the youth had their counterpart as we encourage them to take ownership of their lives, to appreciate the help given them, and to become responsible.

For these youth to complete their financial participation for the driving course, they applied the knowledge learned from their entrepreneurship training in ACAY. Using the knowledge acquired from this training they were able to come up with a variety of small businesses, such as making homemade nuts, chili sauce, reselling pastries, and cooking snacks. They do everything themselves, from purchasing to cooking to selling.

Theoretical Driving Discussion at Driving School

” Having to contribute, even in a small way, to this training was challenging. However, it finally helped me to feel that this driving course is my own project. I worked hard and I was able to get my contribution. Today, having my driving license, I am grateful to ACAY for encouraging me to go beyond, to believe in my skills and in myself.”

All the youth were excited and motivated as they started to process their individual papers required by the Driving School. After having attended the theoretical classes, all of them passed the exam successfully. Then came the time to apply the theoretical learnings as they set out for practical driving! One by one, the youth had a series of actual driving sessions on one of the main roads of Manila. “I was so scared at first, but as I continued practicing, I became quite confident and enthusiastic.” Lea* recalled her experience driving along the highway.

Today,  Andi* is able to earn his living being part of a delivery company: “I’m finishing my Senior High School online course while simultaneously working part-time as a Jeepney driver (the Philippines’ most common public transportation). I am now able to earn a little and cover some of my expenses. I no longer ask my parents for money to pay for internet load for my school’s online class; instead, I pay for it myself.” Loyd* is now working as support staff in the kitchen in a Formation Center and drives to buy their groceries.

Living with the pandemic is a big adjustment for a lot of people all over the world and much more for these youth who are still trying to fix their lives and their reintegration into society. Pandemic has definitely changed the world but thanks to all of you, ACAY can adjust and be agile enabling the youth to find job opportunities!