Alexandra, one of our beneficiaries in the School of Life Program loves writing a poem during her free time. In one of her poems, Alexandra dedicates it to Sr. Sophie for being a mother to her and to express her love and gratitude.

It’s not in blood or with written documents that being a mother is measured but by those words and ways, you made us feel it

You are such a blessing to us, 

You never get tired of listening to our distress 

You do not let that feeling control us 

Instead, you taught us to look at the picture 

from a wider perspective

That’s only one of the many things you taught us 

I engrave it not only in my mind but in my heart

Are you a teacher? So close and yet so far…

Pain and bitterness that I painfully kept within me 

You took it and replaced it with healing  

Scars did not fade but the pain has ended 

Are you a doctor? So close and yet so far…

Now, I’ll put the right words for it 

The word I’m referring to is none other than a MOTHER

My endless gratitude for your love and trust 

Future that has been drawn 

I’ll make sure to have it painted 

Nothing is by accident  

Because getting to know you is destined In the book hold by God

I may not come from your own womb,  

But I would like to give you 

My endless and untiring gratitude 

In the midst of my pain and suffering 

You taught me to find refuge in God

Your words are still fresh and clear in my head  when you said that 

“When the storm hits, don’t ever let go, but hold tighter.”

Thank you for the healing you brought 

Your life is a blessing to many 

I’m grateful that our paths crossed 

I might not be a daughter to you by blood 

But you are always a mother to me.