School of Life Debutants 2023

Turning 18 years old is a significant milestone for Filipina girls, as it marks their transition from adolescence to adulthood. The “debut celebration”, which is a traditional Filipino coming-of-age celebration, is often seen as a rite of passage. It symbolizes the young woman’s readiness to take on the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood. The ACAY family and School of Life recently offered a wonderful debut celebration for 6 beautiful ladies! Read about their personal experience below. The presence of the Second Chance program, France and Philippines, made this moment so special for all.

Mickaela:The experience of my debut, has given me a chance to reflect on my past and to give thanks for all the good that has happened to me. A huge ‘Thank You!’ to all our benefactors!”

Maria:I remember when I was a kid I dreamed of a fancy debut, but I never imagined it would happen here in School of Life, with the people I’m inspired by today. The place was so beautiful.”

Lovely: I will always remember these words from a debut guest, “Adulthood might be tough, but if we use what we have learned from the people who love and support us, we can conquer it no matter how hard it is as long as we always believe in ourselves.”

Shara Mae: “My birthday had been simple and a regular day just before I joined School of Life. ACAY chose to offer me this special moment and celebrate the gift of my life. My parents were there, and they saw my dream coming true.”

Tina: ACAY helped me conquer my inner battles and crises – and finally I could have my debut this year. ACAY is a family who have accepted me and changed me into who I am now.

Katherine: Throughout the entire evening, I felt like I was a very lucky girl because I was given this wonderful 18th birthday with dancing and an escort. I am grateful through the help of ACAY my mother was able to attend too.