Editorial by ACAY Founder Sr. Sophie (Nov. 22)

Recently, our new Communication Officer, Sandi, organized a workshop on ACAY’s branding. Her goal was, as a new employee, to listen to ACAY’s experience in terms of communication.

One of her activities was to ask us: “If ACAY were an animal, what would it be?

This was a big question that led the teams, and later the young people, into discussions teeming with good ideas.

 “For me ACAY is an eagle“, said Lovely, “because ACAY has a vision and sees problems clearly from a distance, ACAY knows how to target the specific aspects to be worked on”.

“To me, ACAY is a Kalabao” (Filipino ox) replied Kim! “ACAY has the ability to go into the mud, to reach out to people in their chaos, in their problems and to plough the land so that we can plant again.”

“For our group ACAY is a butterfly because it is the experience of a metamorphosis.” “For us, it is the dove because in the story of Noah, it was the dove that brought hope.”

And then it was our turn, the last group on the track: “ACAY is a hummingbird”. “A… what?” “ a Hummingbird!”.

Surprise and amazement.

I played a clip of the hummingbird’s song… The smallest bird in the world, renowned for its unique song, it stands out from the rest. Warm, agile, spontaneous but keen on systemic organization, intuitive, creative, it is also capable of record speed despite its littleness.

And above all, there is this legend that enlightened my intelligence about this character that I perceive in ACAY.

The legend says that a forest was on fire. The flames multiplied and spread.

Terrified, the animals escaped and watched the destruction of their forest. The hummingbird, on the other hand, began taking water from the river with its tiny beak and flying to pour it over the flames. And he spent his time flying back and forth as fast as he could.

Some of the animals laughed at him and said, “Hummingbird, are you crazy? You think you can put out the fire with a few drops of water?” and the hummingbird replied, “I know I can’t do it alone, but I’m doing my part.”

This is ACAY.

For 25 years, we have been doing our part and the fruit is here:  a methodology called Metamorphosis!

Our joy is that we have remained despite the years in smallness but agile enough to adapt to all situations, including the most chaotic. We have been entrusted with a part in repairing the world, that of youth in great distress.

Although the task is immense, the challenges disproportionate, we have done, are doing and will do, because of and with you, our part. Faithfully… and above all joyfully.

Happy anniversary to ALL!