Most of the young people accompanied by ACAY in Marseille France, have been out of the school for some time. According to the study by M. Mucchieli, “82.5% of the youth have had problems during their school years: whether they were problems in understanding, learning or behavioral problems and/or problems with attendance and attention in class (…). In 25% of the cases, the young person is not at all concerned about the school leaving project”.  Their involvement in a training course, or a return to school is therefore not easy to envisage.  For these young people, it is a question of investing in a motivating training, allowing them to go beyond the feeling of failure they retain from their past experiences.

“Having a driving license is like being free”

Based on this observation, ACAY has applied, thanks to the M6 Foundation’s project to finance driving license scholarships.

Young people are very attracted to the driving license. Obtaining the precious prize as a first diploma can motivate them again, as they are often in a situation of academic failure. Lockdown was not an obstacle as they develop regularity in their learning and along the weeks they were able to memorize the rules. In a second phase, following driving lessons and obtaining their license exams allows them to regain self-confidence, which can be a springboard to invest in further training. This is the case of one of the beneficiary, who has already passed his license: He works now as a construction worker (structural work, carpentry). “This will from now on allow me to advance in my professional life. The driving license will help me to be able to go to work, and it will encourage me not to fall back into illegality. Thanks to the help of ACAY and the M6 foundation, change is possible, You made it possible and I hope to have it to move forward in my business”.

“Feeling useful to my family is important to me.”

A driving license is also a key to professional integration. Difficulties of mobility can also be an obstacle to access to employment or vocational training. As Yanis, who has benefited from this grant, says:

“I applied for a B driver’s license because I can’t afford it. It’s important for me to have it because I decided to move away from Marseille, to a provincial place. In this small town, there is not much public transport.”

Nowadays, without a driver’s license, it’s a nightmare. It’s difficult to get around in everyday life. For one of beneficiaries, the driver’s license is more than just a way to get a job:

“I have an older brother, three older sisters and three younger brothers and nobody has a driver’s license… Having a driver’s license would allow me to help my family, to go to school in my own car, to do the shopping for my mother, to take my younger brothers to soccer. Feeling useful within my family is very important to me. “

Emporing the young person

In the spirit of ACAY’s pedagogical approach, which aims to empower the young person, they agreed partly to finance their driver’s license, up to a minimum of 50 euros. The young person must also justify the use of the driver’s license as part of his or her professional project, and therefore undertake not to stop in the process of obtaining a driver’s license.

Six young people accompanied by ACAY have now obtained grants to finance their driver’s license. Two of them have already obtained it, making it easier for them to get a job.

We would like to thank the M6 foundation for their initiative and support in the implementation of this project.